Adoption of the Month - November 2012

Jeff and I have been married for 15 years and as a family enjoy spending time with our friends and extended family. We have three biological children all boys.  Jayben is 11 years old, Roman 9 and Westin age 5.  They are amazing kids and have welcomed our adopted twins Jack and Josie with open arms.    Before we were married we talked about adoption and always thought that if we moved forward with the process we would go the International Adoption route.  But that was not in the cards for us.  After attending an informational meeting on becoming a foster parent the decision was made to open our home to infants that needed temporary foster care placement.  Shortly after we were licensed we got the call and Jack and Josie were placed in our home.  They were a good fit for our family and remained in our care until they were legally free and we decided to adopt them and make them a part of our forever family. 

The foster adopt process can be challenging and after dealing with state agencies, Mark and his crew were a breath of fresh air. Efficient, responsive, kind-hearted, and knowledgeable characterize their care of us in this process. Mark was super supportive of what we wanted and we always felt that our entire family was respected.

Jeff and I have an amazing partnership.   Even though adoption is not a conventional way of growing a family, it is a labor of love.  The process is full of self sacrifice and commitment, but at the end indescribable love and adoration. Jeff and I have not just seen our hearts grow but our three sons’ hearts too. They understand that certain actions have consequences at a much younger age than we did. . We want them to understand that TRULY LIVING means taking risks, and caring for others. When we do these things we grow, we live beyond ourselves.