Adoption of the Month - May 2015

Howard and I were married in 2007. We are a blended family.  Our family consists of 6 children that are mine, 1 child that is Howard’s and 2 of ours. Maddy was the 13th foster baby placed in our home and our only adoption.  Adopting Maddy, makes our family the perfect ‘10’. Most of our kids are older, and in the 13 to 21 year old range. Noah, Mary and Maddy are much younger (5-2yrs) so we have a lot of diverse interest and things going on at home. We have a HUGE extended family, all over the west coast and aboard. Our family is very important to us and we share a large military influence and patriotic spirit.

We came to adoption after several years of foster parenting. We were finally thinking about moving on to other things when Maddy was placed with us at 7 days old and the entire family fell in love with her. For almost 2 years, she went to visits and appointments with the hope of reunification but it just didn’t happen. We always root for the bio-family to heal and have enough successes that the child can be placed back in their home.  But in Maddy’s case we knew if it couldn’t happen we weren’t going to be able to let her go. She was our little girl now.

     You need to know that Adoption is a difficult journey, but so worth it. Maddy is a
     special needs child and will require everything we can give her for the rest of her life. 
     She was a God match for our entire family, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Working with Mark Iverson, again was a breeze.  We had worked with Mark previously when Howard adopted all 6 of my kids so we knew he was capable and dependable. With adopting Maddy through DSHS, we found Mark to be extremely easy to work with, professional and very experienced with the whole process.   Adoption completed our family and Maddy is such a beautiful, special little girl that has fit right into our family.  We simply can’t imagine what life would be like without her.