Adoption of the Month - May 2014


Justin and I have been married a little over a year now, but we have known each other since elementary school. We have 4 wonderful children Daisy who is 10, Lilly who is 8, Janessa who is 5 and of course Heather who is 3. Daisy and Heather are both swimmers and Lilly and Janessa are the gymnasts of the family.

We were in the process of working on a parenting plan with Heather’s biological father when he made the decision to give up his parental rights.   That opened up the door for Justin to become Heathers legal father.  Justin is such an amazing man, husband and father and he jumped at the opportunity to make it legal in the eyes of the court.  He has been in Heather’s life and grown to love her since she was a year old and has always thought of her as his own daughter.  Finally he had the opportunity to make it official.   

Adoption is such an amazing journey you need to have faith in the system and have faith in god. Mark is going to walk you through it step by step.I thought the adoption process was going to take a lot longer than it actually did. Mark made it so easy and not so scary. We were able to get things going rather quickly. Mark was full of information and really put our mind at ease knowing that he has gone through this process himself. He also gave us instructions on how to talk with Heather about her adoption.

Adoption has enriched our entire family’s life.  It just shows that the love of a father knows no boundaries and it has brought Justin and Heather closer together. I think it also has brought Justin and I closer together as we have always wanted to have a child of our own.