Adoption of the Month - May 2013

Josh and I started dating in the 7th grade. We stayed together through middle school and high school. We married April 12, 2003 eight years after we started dating. We will be married 10 years this year and together 18. We knew at an early age that we wanted to marry and have children.

When I was 17 years old I was told that I had the slimmest of possibilities of conceiving a child. As I went through college it became even more apparent that conceiving and carrying a child full term was not going to happen.  After seeing a fertility specialist he said that even with fertility treatment the chances of conceiving were none existent.  Since Josh’s parents had done foster care for years and had adopted several children we decided to try the avenue of foster adopt.

Adoption, at first, looks like a long road with hazards around every corner. However with the help and support of family and friends it can be a positive journey.  I would highly recommend adoption as it is the most rewarding road you will ever travel. At the end you have the child that you always wanted that fills a hole in your heart.

Mark has many years of experience as an adoption attorney and is a joy to work with.   He makes the road as smooth as possible and always keeps you in the loop. He answers all your questions and tells you exactly how the adoption will play out. He has done both of our adoptions and they have gone off without a hitch. They were memorable moments in time that we cherish daily.

Adoption has completed us and enriched our lives beyond comprehension.  And it is because of adoption that we have a little boy named Kaden and a little girl named Miah.  They are our forever family and for that we are eternally grateful