Adoption of the Month - March 2014

When my husband and I married, we created a modern “Brady Bunch” with a total of 9 kids.  The oldest is 40, the youngest is 25.  David is a retired/disabled army veteran and I worked in human resources until we decided to “retire” after the last child left the nest. Anthony came to live with us after he was removed from his home in April of 2011 by the state.  From the first day a child is placed in the foster system, an invisible clocks starts ticking.    Anthony is a remarkable little boy and has overcome so much since coming to our home.  When we agreed to take him, we were asked if we would be willing to provide Anthony a “forever” home if reunification was not possible.  We didn’t hesitate to answer “yes!”  Though we hadn’t planned on expanding our family, we couldn’t say no when it came to being both parents and grandparents to Anthony.

Anthony’s mother is our daughter and because of that, our journey has been an emotional roller coaster.  On one hand our daughter, who we love very much, had chosen a lifestyle that had resulted in her losing her only child.  Like any parent, we wanted (and still want) to see her take advantage of the many resources the state made available to her to change her situation, set her priorities in order and do the hard work that was necessary to become a happy, healthy, independent woman and it was heartbreaking to see her refuse to do so.  On the other hand, here was this little boy who had been through so much and needed so much help to deal with the trauma he had endured.  For two years we wrestled with a schedule crammed with counseling, speech therapy, schooling, and meeting the demands from the Department of Children’s Services to ensure he was getting the help he needed. When Anthony came to live with us he had frequent tantrums and meltdowns.  He was physically aggressive and would often self-harm out of frustration.  His speech was delayed and his social skills were all but non-existent.  He was scared; he trusted no one and he didn’t know why his world had been turned upside down.  But it is amazing what a little love and patience can do.   Today Anthony is a totally different boy with unlimited potential.  He is happy and loving and we absolutely couldn’t picture our lives without him.

Working with Mark was the easiest part of the entire process.  He always made time for us, answered all our questions and really made us feel as though our case was the most important one he had.  He was always available to us and walked us through the adoption process with ease.  I would most definitely recommend any adoptive family have Mark handle their adoption! Anthony has breathed life into our home.  He is an amazing boy and I can’t even begin to describe the difference he has made in our lives.  He has done more for us then we could ever do for him.  Before Anthony came to live with us, my husband and I had gone through the hardest five years of our lives.  We had lost two sons, a grandmother, a brother and a sister and the darkness of each loss had swallowed us.  The day he came into our home, the sun came out.  He has brought us laughter and joy that we could not have found anywhere else.  He is smiling when he wakes up and he is smiling when he kisses us goodnight.  Again, we absolutely couldn’t picture our lives without Anthony and we are so thankful that he is ours!