Adoption of the Month - March 2013

We have two children, both from adoption, and we couldn’t be happier. We are a family filled with love blessed by adoption. We laugh and cry and dance and play and spend time together and act very “normal”, given that normal is so different for every family!

Chris and I tried for almost 8 years to conceive naturally and after many months of fertility treatment and two miscarriages, we decided to try and adopt which first led us to foster care. We fostered a total of 5 children whom we love very much still to this day. Mikah moved in with us in January of 2012. We have a relationship though church with the family who had placement of Kalia. They are relatives but couldn’t take the new baby. Then in February, they decided it wasn’t healthy for Kalia for her to be adopted by relatives, so she moved in with us as well. Her adoption finalized first.

In the meantime, Mikah’s bio-mom was still trying to works towards reunification, but once she relinquished her rights to her daughter (May 2012), she wasn’t able to care for her son anymore. Her rights were terminated by default in September and he became legally free in October. We know that this was supposed to be our path the whole time and feel 100% complete with these children in our lives.

Patience is our worst enemy in our lives. BE PATIENT!! This is a long process, and while as adoptive parents it seems hard for us, it is harder for the biological parents and sometimes biological families. They have to give up hope to parent these children, and sometimes they don’t have a choice as their rights are terminated. Some of these parents struggle with addiction, or mental issues, and need constant prayer and help. Know that whatever is supposed to happen, more than likely will. All you can do is advocate for the kids in your care to your best abilities.

Mark was understanding and committed from the first phone call. He knows what emotions we are going through because he has gone through this process himself. He is thorough and willing to spend as much time as you need explaining the process and possible outcomes. His office staff is wonderful and also willing and eager to talk with adoptive parents. If they don’t know an answer to a question, they will find out, and efficiently too. All around WONDERFUL experience! J

The Adoption process has opened our hearts and eyes to another part of this world. We have been introduced to and met amazing people through our journey who have helped us and that we have been blessed to be able to help. These two beautiful, amazing children have filled holes in our hearts that we never thought capable of being filled. Our lives are whole and complete and we couldn’t be happier.