Adoption of the Month - June 2012

The Chicoine family

Amy and I are unable to have children of our own and became Foster Parents in 2004.  Our hope was to adopt children from the foster care system and offer them the kind of life and loving home that all children deserve.   Our children are everything to us, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. 


Both of us grew up in the Spokane area, met at Eastern Washington University, and have been married for almost ten years now.  All of our immediate family is still in the area as well.  We adopted 3 little girls in 2006, Lucy now 9, and twins Izzy and Anna now 8 years old.  We are a very tight family, and love each other very much!


There are so many things I could share with other adoptive families about the adoption process.  One would be to stay focused throughout the adoption process on loving the child while you have them.  When you are working with the state, it is a cumbersome process and sometimes it seems like they ask a lot of foster parents.  Continue to stay focused on showing the child the positive things in life and remember with great sacrifice comes great rewards.


Working with Mark Iverson was amazing!!!  He has done all of our adoptions and made the process seamless. We appreciated the fact that he included our daughters in the ceremony making it fun the whole family.  Mark was so organized and on the ball, we will definitely use him again if we decide to adopt again. 


Adoption has enriched our life.  Our most recent adoption gave us a son and the opportunity to take our son out of a difficult situation.  Our children are the most amazing gift we have been given.  We love them with all of our heart and can’t imagine life without them.  Trying to imagine where our kids would be if we hadn’t decided to step up for them is a scary thought.  We are just so thankful we have been given the opportunity to show these children to live, laugh and love!