Adoption of the Month - July 2015

When my partner, David, and I met when I was pregnant with Alyssa, I knew we would be friends forever. He is caring, sweet, and an absolutely devoted father.

He has shown this time and again. First when he adopted his ex-wife’s daughter, Jocelyn, shortly after their marriage, taking her on outings and spending time with her. She has always felt like he was her real dad. And every day afterward with the love and caring he heaps on the children, playing with them, supporting them and being there for them when they need him.

After David’s marriage to his ex-wife they had two kids, first Julia then James. When they split, David’s ex-wife knew it would absolutely devastate him to lose his kids, so she gave him full custody. He has always stepped up to the plate and hit every ball out of the park in regards to anything the kids have wanted or needed.

David and I first met when I moved next door to him and his (then) wife. After the split David and I became closer. David and Alyssa were close from the day she was born, but it didn’t take long for them regard one another as father and daughter.

David and I have been together for nine and a half years. And since have had a son together who we named Cole.

Since we haven’t ever legally tied the knot (it’s me, not him) we pursued a second parent adoption versus the regular adoption that a married couple would do.

The only reason we haven’t done the adoption sooner was financial constraints. But for the last few years we’ve done well, so we decided to make it official. Our major concern was that Alyssa wouldn’t be able to stay with David if something were to happen to me. Alyssa’s bio-dad has been in and out of prison for drug use and related crimes so has never really been in her life.

June 6, 2015 was one of the happiest days of our life, and we could not be more content with our family! If anyone is considering adoption, I very much urge them to seek out Mark Iverson and team! Our adoption was handled by Jodi Felice and she was amazing! She communicated with us every step of the way. She was prompt and courteous and we just loved her. I would recommend this lady to anyone wanting to process an adoption.

In the photo: (from left to right) Jocelyn, Julia, James, Me (back), Cole (front), Alyssa, Judge Cooney, Alyssa’s half-sister Nicole, and David.