Adoption of the Month - July 2013

When my daughter came into my life 2 1/2 years ago our lives changed forever.  The state intervened because my sister was not able to take care of her children and my daughter was placed with me. Many years ago Mark handled the adoption of her older sister and she was adopted by the Managhan family.    My daughter also has a little sister and brother that were adopted by the Bendio family just a few months ago. We all have a very tight bond and since the loss of their bio parents we have vowed to keep all the siblings together.  Through adoption we have all gained happiness and security and so much more.  Because of this we all meet up as often as possible

The adoption process itself was very simple, fast and clean.  My advice is to get your paper work done as fast as you can and let Mark’s office do the rest.   The most challenging piece was dealing with CPS, not knowing if my little girl was going to be placed back in the environment she was taken out of.  The process was full of lots of emotional stress but in the end so worthwhile.   Just be prepared with any type of scenario and never assume that a child placed in your care will remain in your home.  

Working with Mark Iverson was fantastic.  Mark never forgets an adoption he knew our names and the names of my daughter’s siblings that were being adopted and my other niece that was adopted out years ago. It was such a nice touch that he knew all our names.   Once Mark became involved it was such a relief.  Fast and easy! I feel like I can call at anytime. As a matter of fact I called a few months ago and the office was so helpful and answered all my questions with ease.

I have the most amazing little girl anyone could ever ask for.  We are a family as if she were my biological child.   Adoption is just another word for birth. A family was born!!!  My daughter is safe and very happy!!