Adoption of the Month - July 2012


Brian and I met in November of 2004 attending the same church.  We quickly hit it off and were married that August.  Brian works for a media company doing marketing and sales and I am a pediatric nurse.  We both enjoy our jobs, but more importantly love spending time with each other, our family and our friends.  We are also thankful for our amazing church community that supported us and prayed for us during our adoption journey.

When we first got married we knew we wanted to have children.  We spend the first couple years enjoying married life and getting financially ready for kids.  After about three years of marriage we started trying for a family.  Unfortunately, due to some health issues I was never able to get pregnant and instead of doing fertility treatments Brian and I felt lead to start pursuing adoption to grow our family.

Adoption can be difficult.  Our first adoption was a very trying experience.  We were matched with a birthmother out of our state through an adoption facilitator.  It was heartbreaking when our adoption of twin boys failed, but also relieving since it was not a good situation.  Thankfully, God brought the most incredible family into our lives and our second attempt at adoption was a success and now we have our beautiful daughter.  We love our birth family so much and are so thankful for the incredible gift they gave us.  We are so thankful God has brought our families together through the miracle of adoption. 

Mark Iverson and his office were incredible.  Mark warned us to walk away from our first adoption situation because he was pretty sure it wouldn’t work out and to this day we wish we had listened to his advice, but our hearts didn’t let us because we were so emotionally invested. Mark still stood by our sides during the ups and downs of our first adoption journey despite us not listening to his advice.  Our second adoption journey was smooth from the beginning, but even then we benefited from the advice and support from Mark and his office.  We could not have been happier with our experience with Mark Iverson and recommend him to everyone we know who is thinking about adoption.

Adoption is the most incredible gift a person could ever receive and Brian and I are forever changed because of it.  We are so blessed to love, support and cherish our beautiful daughter everyday.  We are better people because of our relationship with our birth family and the incredible gift they gave us in little Ella.  God’s plans were better than we ever dream or imagine and adoption has changed our lives in the most amazing way.