Adoption of the Month - January 2014

We are a family of 6, two girls and two boys. We love playing in the outdoors. Tennis and kayaking are our favorite family activities. Our favorite vacation spot is in Island Park, ID, right next to West Yellowstone.


 Monte and I were blessed with 3 children, but always felt there was room in our hearts for more. After the doctor told us we couldn’t have any more children we looked into adoption. We are so glad to have adopted through the foster care system. There are so many children in our community that need a loving home.


 At first I was a little scared and nervous to begin this journey. I read a lot of books about the adoption process in order to prepare myself.  The pride training classes you take to become a foster parent were a big help.  It was really so much easier than I expected it to be. There were a lot of people to help us along the way and make it as easy as possible.

 Mark Iverson’s office was a dream to work with. They went the extra mile to make sure the adoption date went through on time. We had family flying in for the adoption day and Mark had everything arranged just perfectly, and on time. All we had to do was sign a few papers and show up at the court house.

At the beginning we thought of how much we were helping this little girl, and giving her a better life, but what we later found out was how much she has enriched our whole family’s life. She came into our family and filled a hole we didn’t realize we had. Our family has grown closer, become more compassionate, and increased in size and love. It’s hard to remember our lives without our daughter.