Adoption of the Month - January 2012

The Gibson Family

We have been married 7 years.  I am a nurse, and Marty has worked for U-haul for 29 years.  Family is very important to us and we enjoy camping, 4 wheeling and swimming.  We enjoy going to church and I sing in the church choir. 

For 10 years I worked as a nurse in many homes with medically fragile children.  We were encouraged to become licensed foster parents and for the past 4 years have enjoyed bringing these children into our home and providing them with love, safety and security and a forever family. 

We had to learn to be patient in working with the state throughout the adoption process.  Mark and his staff have worked with the foster adopt program for a number of years and their knowledge and years of experience were helpful.  They were supportive,  patient, empathetic and provided ongoing information that was helpful throughout the adoption journey. 

We have consulted with Mark regarding 4 different children in 4 years.  He is courteous, compassionate and has the ability to identify with the happiness that adopting our children has brought to our family.  Anyone that works with Mark knows that he appreciates adoptive families and they will benefit from his efficiency, knowledge and workability. 

The adoption of two medically fragile infants/toddlers has enriched us immeasurably.  There reaction to your voice, your touch and smell.  Their smiles are a tremendous treasure and reward.  They bless you more than you could ever know.  What a blessing each one is.  Our 3rd child is healthy and full of challenges and unending energy.  She can melt you with her love and innocence.  Adoption is a win-win opportunity, journey and achievement.