Adoption of the Month - February 2015

Ben and I met through a mutual friend about a year after my first husband passed away from cancer.  When you experience such life changing events, your perspective in life is forever changed.  From the moment Ben and I met, we knew we shared something special.  We have built a relationship around communication, love and respect.  Becoming a parent has and always will be the greatest thing that has happened to our marriage.  Our little family has solidified the love that we share and moved us to the next level of happiness.  Our lives are complete!       

When Ben and I met, we knew we wanted to be parents.  We love our 36 nieces and nephews but we wanted to share our life with our own child.  We tried to have a biological child, but God had other plans for us.  Early in 2013, we decided that we were ready to adopt.  We believe that parenting is about so much more then biology.  We believe family is all about love and respect.  A child is always a blessing to any family.  Henry is beyond a blessing.  He is the light of our lives, a joy to all he meets and just a special little man! We pinch ourselves everyday!

Don’t be afraid to be honest with each other about what you want out of adoption and or infertility.  Make a plan.  Lay the road map out ahead of time. Ben and I talked through all the possible outcomes before we started our first fertility drug.  We decided how long and how far we were willing to go to have a biological child.  This was the single most important decision we made.  When you are in the middle of such an emotional journey, you can’t see the forest through the trees.  We stayed the course and it led to adoption. There are so many choices with adoption.  Find someone to be your advocate and help you understand what option works best for you.  Don’t feel guilty about the choice you make.  It doesn’t make you a bad person to not rescue every child out there!  We all deserve to live a happy, peaceful life.  Our adoption journey was the most peaceful thing we have been through.  We trusted in the Lord and were patient!  TRUST YOUR GUT INSTICT and don’t let your emotions get the best of you!!!

Mark Iverson is an angel!  From the moment we walked into his office, Ben and I felt hope.  We had been through so much with infertility and lost hope that we would ever be parents.  Mark was so reassuring and positive.  We left after our first meeting and we looked at each other and said we really get to be parents!  That moment will live in our memory forever! Any couple will benefit from choosing Mark.  He is an uninvolved 3rd party and can be your sounding board for very emotional decisions. He will be your advocate and look out for your best interest.  This whole process is incredibly emotionally taxing and exhausting.  It was so nice to be able to call Mark and talk through things.  He kept us from making irrational emotion based decisions.  He is a GODSEND!!!  We recommend Mark with out reservation!

Adoption hasn’t just enriched our life, it’s completed our life.  The joy of parenting is not something you will ever understand until you experience it.  Every couple should experience that joy. Nothing else compares and nothing else matters!  Loving a child is the most fulfilling job in the world.