Adoption of the Month - February 2013

Dan & I (Shelley) have been married for almost 14 years & started having kids pretty quickly after getting married.  We have 3 biological kids, Abby 12, Micah 10, & Jake 8 & have just recently adopted a sibling set, Cody 6 & Ava 3.  We love hanging out as a family, camping, swimming, traveling or just having a movie night at home.  Extended family & our church family are a huge part of our life & support system.

When my brother adopted our niece it was a “that’s nice for them” situation.  Adoption was never really on our radar before this last year, we thought we were “done” having kids after 3, but God had another plan for us.  We decided to pursue foster care & knew that we would eventually adopt out of the foster care system.  Thinking only one child, we were surprised when we were asked if we would consider adopting a sibling group.  After meeting Cody & Ava for the first time, we knew these kiddos would someday be apart of our forever family!

We have heard many different stories about the foster/adoption process, but we lucked out with having an amazingly seamless & quick situation.  We were blessed to have a great social worker, who recommended an amazing lawyer (Mark) to finalize the whole process.

Mark Iverson was a great lawyer to work with.  He gave us some great examples of how an open adoption would work, but allowed us to make our own decisions not pressuring us in any way.  Every time we went to his office, he & his staff were friendly & efficient.  Mark put our minds at ease with all the “legal” stuff.  When adoption day came we didn’t know what to expect at the courthouse.  We figured it would be a fairly stiff, boring process of signing papers.  We were so pleasantly surprised in the courtroom that day.  Mark made it feel like we were meeting in someone’s living room.  He chatted with us & talked to each of our kids about what life has been like with 5 kids.  He included all our friends & family in the process asking each of them to say their name & how they knew us.  Mark encouraged and allowed us to Face Time with family in Thailand, Canada & North Carolina who couldn’t be there with us.  There were many happy tears & lots of laughs and it was all because of the personal touch & ease that Mark Iverson set in the courtroom that day.  Thank you Mark for making it so memorable for all involved!


 Adoption is a huge blessing, even though it has its ups & downs as we adjust to new family dynamics.  We adopted them to change the path of their lives & yet they have broken open our hearts & have truly changed our family for the better.  Now we can’t imagine life without these two little blessings!!