Adoption of the Month - December 2014

Our family consists of my husband of 6 years Tristan, my biological daughter Raine age 15, Tristan's biological daughter Chloe age 12, our 3 dogs and myself. I have been a part of Chloe's life since she was barely 5 years old. Tristan and I had only been together a couple of months when her biological mother accused Raine, age 8 at the time of abusing Chloe. It was a very long court process, but the truth came out that the bio mom was not truthful but was attempting to break up and ruin our family, hurting Chloe in the process. We were served with restraining orders between our children on our wedding day. Chloe testified against the bio mom and she went to prison. Chloe decided she wanted me to adopt her so we began the process while bio mom was in prison. 

Our process to complete the adoption had a lot of waiting involved. The bio mom was not on board with and adoption at first.  We had to wait for responses from her. Finally after fighting and running up my bill she gave up. Pretty much the same thing she did in court. She ended up taking a plea. Patience was hard from the beginning in 2007 and there were some dark days, but you will know in your heart if it is meant to work out in your favor, even if sometimes you feel the doubt. I always knew in the end it would be right. 

 Mark Iverson was honest from the beginning. He told us worst case and best case scenarios. He left the choices up to us and was very patient waiting for the final payment. He did everything by phone and was very accommodating since we lived a couple hours away. 

 Adoption has enriched our lives because we know that I have all of the rights I should as a parent. If (God forbid) something ever happens to my husband I do not have to fight for my daughter. No one can take her from me. Chloe never has to wonder if the bio mom has any rights to her. At one point before Tristan got full custody the courts gave Chloe back to the bio mom. We never wanted to see anything like that happen again. As it was the bio mom believed she would get visitation when she was out of prison even though she plead guilty. This was closure for Chloe. She changed her name and had a new beginning.