Adoption of the Month - December 2013

My husband and I met 11 years ago in the Seattle area.  We had both been recently divorced and each had children of our own that were of similar age.  Leroy’s two children lived with their mother due to his military career.  He was active duty in the military when we met. My son lived with me full-time and had some special needs.  I was busy building my career when we met and married.  As a result, we decided not to have any more biological children.  We decided that if we wanted more children some day we would foster or adopt.

A few years after being married, we decided to become foster care providers.    We had a special set of skills from parenting my son that we felt would enable us to help another child with similar challenges.  We began the process of becoming foster parents and then my husband received military orders to the DC area.  We had to stop the process because if we ended up with a foster care placement we would not be able to move with that child to another state.  My husband only had five years left before he could retire, so we stopped the foster care process and decided not to pick it back up until after he retired due to the possibility of being transferred again.

After my husband retired we settled in Spokane, and we began the process of becoming foster/adopt parents.  We received our first and only placements in February 2011.  The department placed a sibling group in our home, a boy 4 years old and a little girl 20 months old.

Adoption through the state foster care system is quite a journey and it isn’t always easy or pleasant for the foster/adoptive parents.  The system, like most is flawed in many ways, but it is the only system we have to work within and so worthwhile once you reach your final destination.   Children in the foster care system desperately need forever homes and even though it may be a rough road for some families (certainly not all of them), the kids are worth it.

Several friends referred us to Mark for our open adoption agreements.  He was very easy to work with and has a very streamlined process to make it easy for the adoptive and bio parents.  After our agreements were in place and adoption was scheduled, we ran into some challenges with the state.  We called Mark right away and he advocated for our family after a lengthy and challenging battle with the state, our kids were finally adopted in December 2012. 

We couldn’t have done it without the expert help of Mark Iverson.  He fought tirelessly for what was best for our children.  We will forever be grateful for what he did for our family.


No matter what challenges we might face our children needed us so desperately and we needed them.  It is such a wonderful blessing to be able to serve our children and our community by being forever parents for such special kids.  They have brought so much life into our home.  And for that we are forever grateful.