Adoption of the Month - December 2012

Jason and I have had 4 kids together, Dylan 10yrs, Emma 6yrs, Mya 4yrs and Ryan.  Our son Ryan was born in 2004 with severe Cerebral Palsy, he needed around the clock medical care we spent a majority of our time in the hospital.  He passed away in 2006 while I was pregnant with Emma and then we had Mya.  We had hard time dealing without him but after quite a few years we decided to become foster parents with the encouragement of my aunt who had been one for a long time.

We never had plans to adopt but when Madison came to us at 2 months there was an instant bond with her we had never had before, something about her felt like she belonged in our family.

We really had a great experience with our adoption process; everything went so smooth and easy.  It happened a lot quicker than I thought it would happen.  We made sure to talk to our other children about adopting Madison, what it meant and how they felt about it.  We also included our family and friends in the process, we knew that having everyone involved was important; making her feel like she was part of the family early on was a big deal to us and having the rest of our family feel the same way was just as important. My husband’s family in New Orleans has only met her once and their love for her is just as strong as the rest of the family here in Spokane. Then when the adoption day came it was more about the paperwork because she was already part of our family.

Mr. Iverson was great.  We were referred to him by my aunt who had used his office for the adoption of her two children.  Mr. Iverson was very respectful and made the entire process as easy and stress free for us as possible.  He gave us advice when needed and kept us up to date with everything that was happening.  Everyone in his office was so kind and helpful.  I would recommend Mr. Iverson and his team to anyone that is going to go through this process.  In fact everyone that I have talked to that has gone through them in the past has had nothing but great things to say.  Thank you Mr. Iverson for all your help you had a huge part in completing our family!

Enriching our lives does not even to begin to explain what Madison has done for us.  Our other children have been in heaven having their little sister, they are all so good with her and is there for her every need.  My husband well he is wrapped around our little girls finger, she is definitely a daddy’s girl.  For me Madison has helped me open my heart and heal in a way.  Losing my son was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, after I lost him I had both my girls and they helped me but something was still missing, we fostered quite a few children which brought happiness but did not completely give me the feeling of being content, then Maddy came and my heart finally feels like it is at peace.  Our girl fits in to our entire family so perfectly!!!