Adoption of the Month - August 2014

My name is Jeanette and my husband's name is Don.  My husband works for Stevens County Public Works and I work for Waste Management at the new recycling center in Spokane.  We have a grown daughter who is married with a two year old grand daughter.  We adopted a son three years ago who is now thirteen and in September we completed our adoption of Alanis who is fourteen.  We love to camp, boat, and ride off road motor cycles and ATV's.  Alanis is a freshman at North Central High School and is in the AVID program and enjoys the cheer squad as well.  She is friendly and loves to read.  Alanis has an older sister who is currently at Whitworth and who is also part of our family, even though adoption was not part of her plan.    

My husband and I have been foster parents for eight years.  Alanis and her sister both lived with us for two years before her sister graduated from high school and left for college.   Alanis wanted to be adopted and requested that we make her part of our family.For families considering adoption through the foster care system I would suggest that they thoroughly read the case history and ask a lot of questions.  Support funds and programs are available to make an adoption a very real possibility to any family who has enough love in their hearts.  Making sure you are doing what is in the child's best interests are critical. 

Working with Mark Iverson was a pleasure.    In my opinion, Mark's office was wonderful working around our work schedules to meet and sign paperwork.  Mark called several times in person to ask questions.  I couldn't have been more pleased with his service.  Alanis truly wanted to belong to a family and it’s a joy knowing that she finally feels safe, secure and loved by our entire family.  I also believe that it’s a blessing that her sister can continue to be a role model in Alanis' life.  Alanis is gifted and intelligent it will be an honor to watch her reach for the stars in her future life with us.