Adoption of the Month - August 2012


We have a large blended family of twelve children.  Jess and I came into our marriage each already having 4 children. Trying to harmonize and blend two families together making eight children, 6 boys and 2 girls.  A few years later we started raising our youngest granddaughter at age two, whom we eventually adopted eight years later.  When our youngest daughter was seven we decided that it would be nice for her to have a sister to grow up with.  We started doing foster care for a five year old little girl who we also adopted.  When we got a call a year later asking us if we would consider adopting a newborn baby sister of our five year old daughter, we eagerly accepted.   Despite the challenges that her medically fragile issues brought, she has been a true blessing to our family.  Four years later, we had another wonderful opportunity through a private adoption, to adopt another beautiful little girl.  So we now have a very unique blended family of 6 girls and 6 boys ranging from 2 months to 32 years.  Six of our children have “grown up” and moved on living lives of their own.  We also have 5 almost 6 (due in July) grandchildren.  We have six children living at home, that continue to provide the challenges and excitement that makes life interesting.  Needless to say we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the expertise of childrearing, and yet we are still learning and are always amazed and thankful for the things that our children continue to teach us about life.

If you decide to adopt it is important to seriously consider your desires and motivation for going through the adoption process.  Supporting and encouraging each other and keeping your goals in mind during some of the frustrating times, is the key to having an adoption be a positive and successful experience.  In addition having a great, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer is also a critical part of the adoption process.

We have used Mark Iverson in all four of our adoptions.  Mark and his staff’s knowledge and professional attention to detail are commendable.  Their experience and expertise leads to a level of confidence that is evident and appreciated.  Mark and his staff’s hands on “call whenever you need something” approach are comforting and reassuring.  All of these attributes combined with the warm, friendly atmosphere of their office leaves you feeling as if you have truly become “adopted’ as part of their office family.

We ultimately started the adoption process to bless the lives of children needing a loving home. What we didn’t realize is that it is adoption and the gifts it brings us on a daily basis that has blessed and enriched our lives.