Adoption of the Month - August 2013

Our family consists of Rich, Bonnie, three year old Elijah and two year old Hannah, along with the addition of a parakeet named Jay and a Tank Turtle named Winston. Our extended family is an active part of our lives as well, which consists of two grandmas, aunts, uncles, and a bunch of cousins.

Even before we were married Rich and I both felt that we wanted to increase our family by adoption, whether or not we decided to have biological additions as well. During our journey we spent a great deal of time preparing before hand by decreasing debt and purchasing a safe, secure and comfortable home. Initially we  were planning on adopting one child, with the possibility of adopting another in a year or two, but as it turned out we were blessed with two at once.

Families that make the decision to adopt need to realize that the process has many layers. But just accept that as a necessary part of the whole. I would suggest that you document everything as you go because there are always a lot of materials and details to keep track of.  Also make sure that the whole family is on board for the journey because it does take a commitment from everyone involved.  Keep your heart open to the child or children who are becoming a part of your forever home –remember they are

worth it all.

It was such a pleasure working with Mark Iverson and his staff.   Rich and I

would most definitely recommend Mark and his office to others who are looking

at pursuing adoption. We are both very grateful for how clear and concise the

process was presented and explained. We were truly thankful to be working with

people of such strong integrity and compassion. On a purely emotional note it was so

much fun to have Mark and his staff as a part of our adoption day because they truly

shared in our joy. Because of them it was an added blessing on such a wonderful day.

 Rich and I have both felt called to adoption for a very long time now. We really had no idea how much our lives would be enriched by this process. In addition we were surprised how much our lives would change, become more complicated, crazy, exasperating and wonderful all at the same time.  And we wouldn’t miss a single day of it. From the first day that we knew about these children our hearts were instantly drawn towards them and love began to grow. By the time our adoption was complete, we felt a love and commitment that we never felt would be possible. Our lives have changed forever. Our home is richer, our goals for the future take on a deeper significance and day to day living, while more hectic than before is sweet and wonderful and something that we are thankful for every single day.