Adoption of the Month - April 2013

We are a family of four that includes me (Tawna) my husband Bruce and our two children.  We have a daughter, Izabella, who is 8 years old; and, our son Matthew. 

When we decided to have a family we wanted a boy and a girl, but biology conspired against us. So we looked around at adoption options. Initially we had made the decision to be a temporary foster family home, but later decided to be foster adopt parents.   We received a call about a baby, on July 28th and were at the hospital practically before the case worker was off the phone. That was our wonderful little Matthew.

Adoption through the state can be an extremely long, drawn-out, and frustrating process.  We decided to embrace the process fully and take our  chances, knowing how heartbreaking it would be to lose Matthew along the way but also knowing that we all needed that bond with him to make him part of the family. Obviously it worked out very well for us, but we feel that even if we had lost Matthew we wouldn’t change the way we did it. Since the moment he came to live with us, when he was six days old, Matthew has been a complete part of our family, and he always will be.

Mark Iverson is so committed and knowledgeable about the adoption process, we would never have chosen any other attorney to guide us through. His enthusiasm for his work is obvious and infectious and clearly personal to him. It is obvious to anyone that works with Mark that he has made a great career choice. We felt we were in good hands from the first moment and he kept us informed of how things were moving along, even when at times it seemed nothing was happening. We can’t think of a better choice anyone could make than to secure Mark’s assistance in working their way through the legal maze that is the adoption process. On the day we adopted Matthew, November 16, 2012, Mark was with us at the courthouse guiding us through, and without fear of exaggeration it seemed very much as if this were a victory for him as well as for us, and we felt that way, too. It was one of the greatest days of our lives, and Mark helped make that possible for us.


It’s impossible to measure just how much adopting Matthew has enriched our lives. Raising a child is by itself a totally worthwhile, fulfilling, and thrilling process, but knowing that you’re raising a child who otherwise might have had a horrific childhood, or no childhood at all, is an indescribably excellent feeling. We don’t see how it’s possible to love Matthew more than we do, whether biologically he was “ours” or not. It’s wonderful having the paperwork that says we’ve adopted Matthew and that he’s our son, but in our hearts he was our son long before we signed on the dotted line.