Adoption of the Month-October 2013

Scott and I (Gina) have been together since we were 15 years old and married for the last 10 years.  We were both born and raised in Spokane and after leaving for a few years to pursue college degrees and work our first jobs, we finally returned to be closer to our extended families.   We both always wanted to have a family together and after several years of traveling and playing we decided we needed to add some kids to the mix.  My family has a history of adoption extending into my extended family.  And although it was a new idea for Scott, he welcomed the option and jumped into the process without hesitation.

During the beginning of our journey to parenthood we tried having children of our own but it didn’t happen.  We were too impatient to try infertility drugs and other procedures and after a few months we began looking at adoption.   After a failed international adoption attempt I was telling our story to a friend who happened to be a recruiter for foster care system. She encouraged us to learn more about being foster parents and after our first informational meeting we knew it was for us.  Within a couple months we were licensed and a few weeks after that we began getting placements.  We did respite care for a few kiddos and knew that we were suited for infants. 

A few weeks later we got a call asking if we would take in a happy, chubby 7 month old and after talking with his first foster mom we knew this kid was meant to be with us.  It sounds cheesy, but the moment we laid eyes on Rocci we knew he was the missing piece of our family!  It’s true! There were some bumps in the road along the way, but eventually we were able to meet his biological father.  When we met, he told us he wanted us to raise his son. He knew he belonged with us.  We encountered a few more twists and turns but in the end Rocci became legally free and our amazing caseworker and his guardian ad litem drove immediately to our house to break the news.  Mark Iverson helped us with the adoption and we excitedly packed the courtroom with friends and family from as far away as Hawaii.  I remember Mark telling the judge at the end of the hearing that we would be back. At the time I thought we were done with adoption but it turns out he was right.