Adoption of the Month- November 2013

My wife, Sheanah and I met in January 2009 and I met her daughter Aliyah a few weeks later. I knew right away that there was something very special and different about Sheanah.  After spending more and more time together I realized I was right about Sheanah and that she was right for me.  On New Year’s Eve 2010 I asked her to marry me and on August 2011 we got married in Hawaii.  We purchased our first home in August 2012, and welcomed our second child, a son named Everett, in June 2013.

Once Sheanah and I were married and it remained clear that Aliyah’s biological father was going to remain out of the picture, we made the decision to do some research on adoption.  That’s when we found Mark Iverson and he helped us understand all our adoption options.  We weren’t sure what to expect however we did know that we wanted to complete our family and make sure Aliyah had the security and proper up-bringing she needed and deserved.Adoption is such a rewarding experience.  Stay diligent and keep your focus on the result.  It can be a long tedious process but with a good adoption attorney, like Mark the necessary details will fall into place and the adoption will finalize.  Remember that the reason you’re adopting is because you love your child and it is in (her) or (his) best interest. 

I can’t say enough about Mark Iverson.  He made a rather long tedious and scary process seem less intimidating. Our adoption took a little over 7 months to complete, but with each visit, we felt more and more at ease. Mark and his staff are true professionals, and we have and will continue to recommend him to anyone we come in contact with, considering adoption.

Our family is complete now with the adoption of Aliyah and the birth of our son. Sheanah and I feel very good about all of us having the same last name to go along with our strong sense of family that we have worked so hard to achieve.